Jake, Shannon, Cole and Matt continue their summer tour next week with shows in Minneapolis, Des MOines, Chicago, New York and more places to be announced.  Plan on an EP release very soon!  Also, in the news, The band recently did an interview with "Meet the Locals", from Ready or Not Entertainment...Look for it online soon!

Check out the interview we did with Cat Mihos at SXSW!

11 QUESTIONS WITH THE MISSING LETTERS 1. What is your favorite letter? Which letter would we be most screwed if it went missing?

JAKE: X, the Xylophone community would be up in arms.

SHANNON: K….It has smething to do with Japanese Hippos... and unless you are my sister it might be hard to comprehend… But trust me it is so very important!

COLE: T. the most common non-vowel in Wheel of Fortune. Would really change up the metagame if it left us.

2. How/when did you form your band?

JAKE: October of 2012. Shannon threw a post up on a local rock Facebook group looking for musicians and I hit him up. After a few months we started adding more people to the band.

SHANNON: It's not all that interesting of a story...but I can tell you that Mark Zuckerberg played a role in the whole sordid tale.

COLE: I was late to the party so to speak.

3. Living in Minneapolis, so rich in music history, do you feel the pull to either coast? what would make you leave the Midwest?

JAKE: I love the authenticity of the Seattle scene, so that's something I would love to explore further someday. On the other end, New York ALWAYS has something cool kicking, and it's fun to watch what jumps from their melting pot of a music scene. I don't think there's anything specific that would cause me to ditch the Midwest though. When I feel it's time to move along, I'll move along. The Midwest sound will always be my focus.

SHANNON: More toward the West Coast, primarily because of our influences.

COLE: Do you feel the pull to the Minneapolis? Cuz it's there.

(interviewer's note: Oh yes, Prince & Low pull me there)

4. If you could have written one song that exists today in the world, what would it be and why?

JAKE: Your Time is Gonna Come - Led Zepp. Such a simple tune, but so much power. It's awesome.

SHANNON: Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan, I lived through a similar situation that is described in those lyrics.

COLE: What is Love? Baby, Don't Hurt me.

5. What sound do you wish to achieve?

JAKE: My goal when writing and playing has always been about honesty in the music. I want each song to sound like I mean what I'm playing and that my hearts in it, and I want it to sound like four people sitting in a room playing instruments.

For me, some of the most authentic music was the alternative scene in the nineties. All the way from Meat Puppets and Stone Temple Pilots to Third Eye Blind and Eve 6 and so on, there was just such a cool vibe in music rom that time. I tend to try and package that vibe up with a kick of Minneapolis soul and let it ride.

I usually don't write for a specific style generally, but that's the feel I strive for with every song.

SHANNON: Pure rock and roll. Finding the essence that made Led Zeppelin, the Foo Fighters and MC 5 different from the others

COLE: The kind that goes BRRRRNNNNGHH. If that makes any sense.

6. Your favorite thing about touring is...?

JAKE: The openness of the ride, and the feeling of freedom that comes with knowing you're out grinding with the band to do what you love.

SHANNON: Being in a smelly van with your brothers and embracing everything from everyone

COLE: Van smell.

7. What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you with a fan?

JAKE: No Answer

SHANNON: No weirdness… I really enjoy meeting people. Especially people that like our music. People thought I was weird my whole life…I suppose that's perspective.

All sorts of people come to our shows, and I think that's one of the cool things about what we do… I like to think of a show with The Missing Letters as a coming together place… Where it doesnt matter what your scene is. We (meaning us and our fans) make up our own scene. So if someone wants to come to one of our shows dressed in a green guerilla outfit, thats cool. Not weird. Ya know?

COLE: I had a really cute girl come up to me once. I got nervous and walked away.

8. Your band is strongly involved in important social issues esp. missing kids, how would you like your fan base to help?

JAKE: In any case or situation, just look for your own way to help. With missing children or anything else really, there's always awareness to be raised, and a number to call. Just do what you can personally to be a solution.

SHANNON: No one tends to think about touchy subjects because they're uncomfortable. We dont think that each of us is a possible victim until it happens to us. That goes for crime, natural disaster or anything really.

The reality is we all need to be more aware about what is happening in our communities, our country, and our world. The more in touch we are, the closer we are to a solution. Its not hard. Just be aware. Open your eyes and your mind. When I was young I had a classmate of mine named Alexis Patterson go missing. As far as I know, she was never found. It really affected me, as she was there, and my friend one day playing with us at recess, and then the next day... gone. There was lots of TV crews at the school the first few days when everything first happened. Then everyone went away, the reporters were gone, and it was like nothing ever happened… but Alexis never came back.

COLE: The success of a campaign like Amber alert requires a broad awareness from the public. All I can ask of anybody is to take a few minutes and look over some pictures from their local area It's very much a hivemind effort.

9. You have one superhero power, name it.

JAKE: Burritos out of thin air.

SHANNON: To be like the human torch, because who wouldn't want to be able to snap their fingers and make a flame?!?

COLE: The power... to move you.

(*interviewer note: did you just quote Tenacious D to me??!)

10. How do you see yourselves in five years? Where would you like to be?

JAKE: Part of the fun of music is that I really have no idea where it could take me in any period of time, but I dig that. The unknown is my greatest motivation.

SHANNON: I want to be successful and happy doing the thing I love the most, and that's playing rock and roll.

COLE: Shooting off flares and sexing up the ladies; you know? Like men do.

11. The question we really wished you had asked us is:_____

JAKE: Whats for dinner?

SHANNON: What was your first interaction with rock n roll?

COLE: Nah, You did fine.

watch The Missing Letters in action here:


Big HUGE thanks to SXSW, The Big Bang Bar, and Smith's Olde Bar for a great show in Austin.  Also thanks to Rock Rage Radio for an amazing interview.  We look forward to coming back Austin!


Hey  Twin Cities TML will be returning to The Nether Bar on Aprill 11th!  Stay tuned for more details


The Missing Letters will be returning to St Paul on Saturday April 26th for a show at The Minnesota Saloon!  Stay tuned for more details!



Twenty-one years ago, Minneapolis based rock band Soul Asylum released
the single "Runaway Train" off their album "Grave Dancers Union". In their accompanying video, the subject of missing and lost children was presented as a clear problem in America. 

Present day, that issue is still as relevant as ever. With this video, our intention was two-fold. To raise awareness to this pressing matter, and to pay our dues to the musicians that cleared the path we're walking. 

We've spent the last month, in conjunction with Captains Project, compiling our re-imagination of Soul Asylum's single and video, and we are both very proud, and extremely excited to share this with you. 

Big thanks to Dave Pirner and Soul Asylum for their support with this project. If you enjoy it, please share this with your friends and family. Spread the word, cause we're coming.



SXSW! Texas, here we come

The MISSING LETTERS will be playing a showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX this year!  The show is Wednesday March 12th at the Big Bang Bar on the Smith Olde Bar Stage. (412 East 6th Street)  The Show is at 10:30 PM.  We will be playing with the one and only DRIVIN' N CRYIN'    

We are very excited for this show!  If you're going to be at SXSW please come by and check out the show!!!